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RFT90 #1: A Quick Exercise in Trying to Make More Content and Being Opinionated Again.

I just fell down a rabbit hole wherein I learned Paradox laid off an entire 80% of Harebrained schemes. They made games I am unfamiliar with. They join too many other studios who were bought just to be trashed by the competition.

I really want to stress how fucked up it is to see another company I thought made content turn out to be another corporate entity. I just forgot how to spell corporate for a full minute.

It is so hard to imagine one day having a game I hold so dear as to call it incredibly personal to me ruined because it's creator is just some guy who fires people to perpetuate a self harming development cycle. Guys I really don't want to hear that Suda51 or Hideo are monsters.

Is it so farfetched when we just got read a list of MANY politicians who paid to hurt children? Politicians who run on issues about saving children from predators. So you see how I'm not so sure about the moral capacity of a guy who "makes cool stuff" anymore.

How many of our most cherished characters or songs or stories are the product of ghouls? I feel that is an important question about any medium you choose to engage with.

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